Since we open our first office in the United States in year 2000, with offices in South America, we have been providing excellent and affordable consulting and implementing information technology solutions. 

Specializing in application and desktop delivery, infrastructure and security services, we are helping businesses to have access to the latest technology, helping in-house IT Departments or providing resources on demand. 

Surpassing any challenges with the years of experience implementing real solutions to businesses, we are confident we will provide the best answer to your need. 

Planning, Develop, Ideas, Strategy

Planning, Develop, Ideas, Strategy

For years, when it comes to software or business processes that are difficult to use, workers have been told to “deal with it and stop complaining”. That approach is changing, instead of frustrating employees using antiquated systems, firms are hiring IT consultants like Big Eye to customize software or implement optimal business procedures that will increase performance and productivity; finally delivering technology to make things easier for people.

Infrastructure   . Data and operations in the cloud.

Infrastructure . Data and operations in the cloud.


Many companies are moving their data and operations to the cloud, allowing employees to access and work practically from anywhere.
 Big Eye has the expertise to successfully integrate mobile solutions with their existing infrastructure. Big Eye has many years of experience integrating mobile systems with legacy ones, providing technology to add resources and avoid downtimes. IP telephony and VDI (virtual desktops) are the new protagonists.

BI (Business Intelligence) tools integrates disconnected data across various departments so companies can turn the data into a valuable asset. New data feeds, reports and dashboards show in a quick and easy way the most relevant information to help take the most critical and fast decisions. Big Eye, with the help of incredible tools, has the experience to automate and consolidate all kind of resources, turning manual processes into automatic and reliable sources of information.